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Auto parts robotic spot welding workcell

Producct introduction:

The auto parts spot welding robot system is used to weld the left and right front wheel welded-gear and the left and right springbuffer base welded-gear. The system consists of 2 sets of tack welding

workstations with 2 sets of robots, equipped with servo welding tongs.The wholesystem is controled by PLC and can coordinate communication of robot, weldingtongs, welding controller, hydrosphere plate,

grinding device, operate button,indicator lights as well as other devices. The color touch screen has a good man-machineinterface, which can complete the work of production management, state management and maintenance management; There are confirmation button andemergency stop button in the manual feeding area; The welding system with alarmfunction can stop working and generate an

alarm signal when the pressure andwater is too low.





basic  configuration

FANUC Robot forward erection +fixed workstation+ pneumatic fixture



Fanuc-R-2000iC/210F  with rotation radius 2.7m and gripping force 210kg


Welding power supply

Lincoln 455M

Product advantages:

The base of robot is designed withCAD-assisted; Stress analysis and computer simulation are performed for eachkey part and main motion coordination. Using advanced processing technology, each welded

part is annealed to provide guarantee for the whole machine.

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