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Intelligent Manufacturing Line of Battery Tray

Product introduction:

The Intelligent Manufacturing Line of BatteryTrayis mainly composed of 6 majorsystems, they are friction-stir welding system, arc welding system,airtightness detection system, gluing system, painting system

and automaticloading and unloading system. Control by S7-1500PLC, the line chooses Siemensstandard profinnet Ethernet communication protocol or profibus-DP field bus to coordinatethe system operate

in order and logically, thus avoid conflicts among differentsystems. At the same time, each system runs independently, which can maximally prevent the entire production line malfunctioning for one of the

nodes in the production line.

Transportationworking station:





basic configuration

Ground rail + 2 handling robots + pneumatic  gripper



Fanuc-R-2000Ib-210F, robot with payload is 210kg  and the max.moving radius is 2670mm

Design advantages:

The robot rail uses a high-speed slide mechanism, high precisiongear and rack as well as linear guide etc., to ensure high precision in long-term;Using double-layered track is convenient for the handling

robot to transport the workpiece and prepare for the expansion of the later productioncapacity;The skateboard which installs the robot is connected with the rail has the characteristics of high guiding

precision,small sliding resistance, stable sliding and long service life.

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